The opposite of fast fashion

The idea of ethical fashion runs through our veins. Each garment is individually sourced and sewn since our inception. We only use ethically sourced wools, linens, cottons and cashmeres from world renowned fabric mills. This considered approach to our people, production and environment is something we are proud of.

One of one

Each garment we make is an original, which means we completely limit waste to what's needed for your specific garment - from fabric to lining, canvassing, thread and buttons. ESQ is vertically integrated and we limit our environmental impact. At its core, our tailors are generations of talented artisans who keep the values of classic tailoring alive. We're glad to be analog in a digital age.

The bamboo shirt

It's a shirt fabric that not only fits and feels better than the competition, that's not just softer than your average cotton, and not just cooler (around three degrees, to be specific) than traditional cotton — but more sustainably farmed and environmentally friendly. Did we mention it's also machine-mashable to cut on dry cleaning?

The world changing idea

A finalist for Fast Company's World Changing Ideas, the ESQ bamboo shirts is the world's first bamboo dress shirt. Unseen in the apparel space, our bamboo fabric allows our dress shirt to be soft, cool, clean and green.

Arguably the most comfortable material in the world, bamboo is known for being twice as soft and 3° cooler compared to cotton. A natural odor and allergen repeller, bamboo also avoids using harsh chemicals or pesticides that can cause skin irritations. A plant that regenerates naturally, the use of bamboo fibers keeps our soil stronger, air cleaner, and environment healthier.

When worn, the shirt feels cool, is moisture-wicking, odor-resistant and machine-washable.