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  • How is Wool Woven

    How is Wool Woven

    Wool can be woven in various ways to create different textures and patterns.
  • Scabal vs. Loro Piana

    Scabal vs. Loro Piana

    Scabal and Loro Piana are two of the most well-known fabric producers in the world, with a reputation for using the finest materials and producing high-quality fabrics for tailoring.
  • History of Scabal

    History of Scabal

    Scabal is a Belgian company that was founded in 1938 by Otto Hertz.
  • History of Loro Piana

    History of Loro Piana

    Loro Piana is a luxury Italian textile company that was founded in 1924 by Pietro Loro Piana.
  • History of Stylbiella

    History of Stylbiella

    StylBiella is a luxury Italian fabric mill that has been producing high-quality textiles for over 350 years. The company was founded in 1663 in the town of Biella, which is located in the Piedmont region of Italy.
  • History of Dormeuil

    History of Dormeuil

    Dormeuil is a French luxury fabric brand that was founded in 1842 by Jules Dormeuil. The company began as a small family business that specialized in importing English fabrics to France.
  • History of Alumo

    History of Alumo

    Alumo is a Swiss fabric brand that has been producing high-quality fabrics since 1918. The brand was founded by Walter Wirz in the small town of Appenzell, Switzerland.
  • History of Canclini

    History of Canclini

    Canclini is a well-known Italian textile company that was founded in 1925 by Giuseppe Canclini.
  • How To Tell If A Suit Is Well-Made

    How To Tell If A Suit Is Well-Made

    A good quality suit will be made from high-quality fabrics such as wool or cashmere.
  • British Tailoring

    British Tailoring

    The history of British suit tailoring dates back to the early 1800s, when London emerged as a major center of men's fashion.
  • Italian vs. British Fabrics

    Italian vs. British Fabrics

    Italian and English fabrics are both highly regarded in the world of tailoring, but there are some differences between the two.
  • Pleat vs. Flat Front

    Pleat vs. Flat Front

    Pleats and no pleats refer to the design of the trousers of a suit. Pleats are folds of fabric that are sewn into the waistband of the trousers, which allow for extra room and movement.
  • Side Tabs

    Side Tabs

    Side tabs on trousers are a relatively recent addition to men's fashion and were first introduced in the early 20th century.
  • Trouser Cuffs

    Trouser Cuffs

    The history of trouser cuffs can be traced back to the late 19th century when men's fashion underwent a significant transformation.
  • What to wear for your wedding

    What to wear for your wedding

    As the groom, you have several options when it comes to what to wear for your wedding. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision.
  • Why Custom vs. Off-The-Rack

    Why Custom vs. Off-The-Rack

    There are several reasons why you should consider a custom suit over an off-the-rack suit.
  • Our Process

    Our Process

    Getting a bespoke suit involves a highly personalized process of creating a suit that is entirely unique to the individual.
  • Draft Suits

    Draft Suits

    The process of making a custom suit for an NFL draft prospect typically involves several very detailed steps.