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Redefining the custom suit

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My Origin Story

Have you ever wondered why those guys in the magazines always look perfect? And yet no matter what suit I tried - from designer to made-to-measure, it just never seemed to fit right. Thus I started a journey of touring over 180 factories globally to create - "redefine" the custom suit. We didn't reinvent the wheel, we simply made it better. - Ge

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Prices From: Suits $2795 | Shirts $295 | Outwear $1995

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How It's Made

What to Know

  • Linings Galore

    This is the icing on the cake, and boy do we make some incredible icing. From pure silk linings to true custom linings with your photos or designs, make the inside of your garment as special as its outside. Want more personalization? How about a monogram of your direct signature inside the garment too?

  • Impeccable Details

    The best fabric is nothing without the accompanying details. Our canvas is custom made in Italy and Germany. We exclusively use Gutermann thread for every garment. Even our mother of pearl buttons some of the finest from Japan. How do we know? We got flagged by Dept of Fish and Wildlife.

  • What to Expect

    A curated experience that's tailored to each and every individual. We want you to feel at home at our flagship Chicago showroom. When your garment arrives, we want perfection. We guarantee the perfect fit*. Timeline from your initial fitting to finished garment is six weeks.