Pleat vs. Flat Front

Pleat vs. Flat Front

Pleats and no pleats refer to the design of the trousers of a suit. Pleats are folds of fabric that are sewn into the waistband of the trousers, which allow for extra room and movement. There are typically two types of pleats: single and double.

Single pleats are a classic style and involve a single fold on each side of the trousers. They provide more room around the thighs and hips, making them more comfortable to wear, especially for individuals with larger legs.

Double pleats are less common and involve two folds on each side of the trousers. They offer even more room and provide a relaxed fit, making them a good option for casual suits.

On the other hand, no pleats, also known as flat-front trousers, have a smooth front and no folds. They offer a more modern and streamlined look, making them a popular choice for slim-fitting suits. 

Ultimately, the decision between pleated and flat-front trousers comes down to personal preference and the style of the suit. Pleated trousers are generally considered more traditional, while flat-front trousers offer a more contemporary look.

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