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Our Process

Our Process

Getting a bespoke suit involves a highly personalized process of creating a suit that is entirely unique to the individual. Here's a general overview of our bespoke suit process:

Consultation: The first step in getting a bespoke suit is to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. A consult involves going over our process, answering questions and going over style preferences and fabric for your bespoke piece.

Design and Fabric Selection: Based on the consultation, we will help you choose the right fabrics and design details for your suit. This will include selecting a fabric type, color, and pattern, as well as choosing the lapel style, button options, pocket placement, and other design details.

Pattern Making: Once you've selected your fabric and design options, your unique pattern is created based on your precise body measurements. This pattern will be used as the basis for constructing your bespoke suit. With the pattern in hand, our tailors begin constructing your suit.

Finishing: Once the suit has been constructed and all the necessary adjustments have been made, the tailor will finish the suit with any necessary final touches. This may include adding lining, attaching buttons, and finishing the hems.

Final Fitting: The final step in the process is a final fitting to ensure that the suit fits perfectly and meets all your preferences. If any final adjustments are necessary, our in-house tailor will help with any finishing details.

Overall, the process of getting a bespoke suit is highly personalized and detailed. The end result is a suit that is tailored to your unique body shape and personal style, making it a truly one-of-a-kind garment that you can wear with confidence.

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