History of Canclini

History of Canclini

Canclini is a well-known Italian textile company that was founded in 1925 by Giuseppe Canclini. Originally, the company focused on the production of handkerchiefs and ties, but over time it began to specialize in the production of high-quality cotton shirting fabrics.

In the 1960s, Canclini began to expand its operations and started exporting its fabrics to other European countries and the United States. This expansion allowed the company to grow significantly and establish itself as one of the top producers of shirting fabrics in the world.

Today, Canclini is known for its use of high-quality cotton and its innovative textile finishes. The company has also been recognized for its commitment to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices in its production process.

Overall, Canclini has a long and rich history in the textile industry and continues to be a leading producer of high-quality shirting fabrics.

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