Uncompromising Excellence


Ge Wang

Ge founded ESQ in 2012 as a practicing attorney. Having tried several custom clothiers in Chicago and beyond, Ge was simply unimpressed by the quality of garments in the marketplace. Ge has since visited countless fabric mills and tailoring facilities in search of the perfect garment. After finding the latter unsuccessful, Ge invested in his own team in crafting the perfect handmade suit, which in turn is the ESQ product you see today. Renowned for dressing celebrities and athletes alike, Ge specializes in dressing those from his former profession, and is deeply tied in to appropriateness for each and every setting. After seeing clients in his apartment for the first three years, Ge opened ESQ's first flagship location in the West Loop in 2015.

Ge holds a JD from DePaul University and a BA from the University of Notre Dame.

Jordan Valleskey
Partner | General Manager

Jordan combines extensive background in human anatomy, with a BS in Exercise Physiology and working in the fitness industry. He’s an expert in incorporating each client’s body mechanics, posture, physique and even profession into delivering a perfect garment. As ESQ's General Manager, Jordan has extensive knowledge of both fabric and fitting, and will make sure your garment reflects his expertise. Outside of ESQ, you can find Jordan at the gym, exploring city limits and enjoying Chicago’s staple restaurants.

Jordan has been a partner since 2020.

Abby Toerner
Assistant Manager

Abby has over five years of fashion industry experience, all while building and cultivating strong and meaningful relationships. Abby prioritizes each clients’ individual needs to build a versatile yet classic wardrobe, while maintaining a sense of edge and personal style. No matter the occasion, Abby will utilize her creative background to help craft a look that’s guaranteed to create lasting impressions.

Abby holds a degree in fashion and strategic communications.

Kelly Lynch
Sales Associate

Kelly has an extensive background in design, fashion, and sales. Since a young age, Kelly was committed to her love of fashion. Family and friends encouraged her to study design, however she pursed science and majored in Psychology. Quickly realizing she was destined to go into fashion, she found a way to combine her degree and passion for styling to curate the perfect customer experience. Kelly creates a thoughtful wardrobe, unique and meaningful to each client. Always prioritizing the client, she will help design a look that will have an enteral influence.


Our Flagship Showroom

180 N LaSalle St.
+1 312 757 8500

During normal business hours, though we cannot guarantee availability.
Appointments strongly recommended.

Main entrance between Starbucks and Jimmy John’s.
For deliveries, please contact us.

Travel East on Lake St past Wells St, use Clark/Lake parking garage on right hand side.
Validated Parking available.