The Measure of Man: An Inside Look into Chicago's Custom Clothier ESQClothing



Finding clothes that fit well can be a frustrating experience. Our affiliate, custom Chicago clothier ESQClothing, offers bespoke creations and unparalleled polished looks for those who want something exceptional. ESQClothing shared some insight on their vision and process with us.

There are many ways to measure a man: his heart, his ambition, his shoes and… his suit size. (Let’s keep it clean people!) Now, we beg you to ask the question: When was the last time you were truly measured?

When it comes to selecting clothes, we search for the best color or the latest trend, but what about for true measurements? When was the last time you were measured so your clothes (and more importantly, your suits) were measured to fit you perfectly?

Working with a community of fitness professionals, we know the conundrum of finding that perfect fit. We have muscles. We have athletic builds. We, of all people, take pride in how we look. We are not average. Why settle for something that fits less than perfect?

Meet Ge (pronounced G-UH) Wang, fellow FFC member, storefront neighbor and gentleman, who, like many professionals, sought to find a suit with the perfect fit. He graduated from DePaul University’s College of Law in 2012, and during his own mission to find the perfect fitting suit (necessitated by his work in the field of law), this lead him to open ESQClothing.

“I had this concept: Men need help bridging the gap between an ill-fitting suit and the styles seen in the high-fashion world," said Wang. "I wanted to dress the real guys – guys with athletic builds, particularly."

After learning the process of creating custom suits, Ge started making suits for his close friends. Luckily for Wang, he completed undergrad at Notre Dame, an environment bursting at the seams with athletic talent. From there, his network within the industry grew rapidly. As with anything, word gets around when people find something they love. And as we have found, people (mainly athletes) love ESQ.

“I created ESQ with three distinct things in mind: Fabrics, cuts, and price," explained Wang. "With the opening of our new storefront in West Loop, as well as the launch of our off-the-rack collection geared toward those with a more athletic build, we’ve found that we are able to fill a niche in the menswear world. We measure athletes daily and have a true understanding of what works best on a very specific build.”

Yes, custom suits may not happen overnight, but with ESQ Clothing’s new off-the-rack line, you'll be amazed at what you can walk home with, without extensive alterations. Let’s just say Matt Forte can walk away with an off-the-rack jacket and shirt that fits him perfectly. (Have you seen that guy’s traps?!)

And, if you want to upgrade yourself and experience a truly bespoke suit, sure they take time and money, but aren’t you worth it? And, for a small fee, they can come to you, or your office, for a fitting.

ESQ Clothing is located at 555 West Jackson and walk-ins are welcome. For more information on ESQClothing’s areas of expertise or to book an appointment, visit, email, or give us a call at 312-631-3278.


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