Ronnie Stanley Joins Baltimore Ravens In Bespoke ESQ Shoes For NFL Draft

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By Charlie Carballo


Eyes were on Ronnie Stanley for reasons other than football.

The athlete donned striking bespoke ESQ Clothing shoes when he was selected as the No. 6 pick in the NFL Draft, joining the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday in Chicago. 

He complemented the white footwear in a bespoke cream-colored blazer by the brand, a white dress shirt and black bow tie.

Speaking to Footwear News, ESQ Clothing president and creative director Ge Wang tells us that the $1,000 handmade size 16s were inspired by his blazer, also designed by the label.

“We went off his jacket,” Wang explains, calling Stanley a “friend” who “wanted white and gold” in the design.

Zappos joined a chorus of fans congratulating Stanley on social media, tweeting,
“Congrats ‪@Ronnie_Stanley! Can’t wait to come visit you in Baltimore! ‪@Ravens ‪#PlayLikeARaven ‪#NFLDraft2016.”

The e-retailer recently announced Stanley as its first athlete ambassador in an unprecedented endorsement deal that gives him access to its inventory of more than 1,000 labels while many seasoned pros are tied to one brand.

In a previous interview with Footwear News, Zappos general manager-footwear/accessories/ said the company is strategizing on how to creatively use Stanley.

“We understand all of the restrictions around the NFL, and there are quite a few; some are fine,” Esperson says. “Where can we take some of those advantages is off the field.”

Stanley has endorsed six looks on Zappos’ website, presenting himself as a sportsman who has a robust lifestyle off the field. Some of the selections include Timberland Classic six-inch Premium boots, Levi’s jeans, a Tommy Bahama shawl and some athleisure wear.


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