Looking Good! Local Shop Helps NFL Prospects Suit Up

Medill News Service

By Adam Rossow


Hundreds of college prospects are in Chicago this weekend for the NFL Draft. Many will put on a special draft-day suit to make sure they look sharp for their big moment.

ESQ Clothing, which specializes in customized and tailored menswear, has found a niche with athletes of all shapes and sizes over the past two years. It extended into draft suits for the first time this year. Medill’s Adam Rossow went to ESQ’s West Loop showroom to checkout one of the most unique businesses involved with the NFL Draft.


ESQ is providing suits to Notre Dame prospects Ronnie Stanley and Jaylon Smith for the draft. The suits cost anywhere from $2000-$5000, but owner Ge Wang gave his Fighting Irish clients the custom threads in the hopes of earning their future business. Stanley is expected to be taken in the Top-10 on Thursday evening, while Smith is a wildcard who could be selected anywhere from the late first round to the end of the third after suffering a devastating knee injury in January’s Fiesta Bowl.


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