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By Kate and Desiree


Meet lawyer-turned-fashion business owner Ge Wang.

Last week, we had the pleasure of talking with the founder of ESQ Clothing, Ge Wang.

Ge is an attorney who left full-time practice to start a custom men’s suiting company.  Ge filled us in on how he made the jump from legal practice to fashion, style tips for practicing attorneys and some of his favorite trends for the upcoming fall season.

Read on to learn more about Ge and his custom suiting business in downtown Chicago.


Q:  Tell us about ESQ Clothing and how it came to be.
A:  Honestly, the idea of ESQ Clothing came about because I did not have a custom suit maker that I was thrilled about in terms of both quality and price. Being into fashion, I figured I would try to give other attorneys a quality product at a very competitive price.


Q:  We heard you got a lot of attention from a collaboration with Matt Forte- how did that come about?
A: Matt was originally a friend of a friend. We’re about the same age and we both decided that we could help each other out. Watch out for a great season from Matt Forte this year.


Q:  Has your training in the law helped in the development of your business?
A:  A legal background can never be detrimental. Critical thinking, negotiation skills, work ethic… One learns so much starting in law school and then really develops these skills in the legal profession. My law background has helped tremendously in setting up ESQ.


Q:  How would you describe your personal and professional styles?
A:  My style is very classic. When it comes to suits, it typically means a blue suit with a crisp white shirt, but I will add always add something that is unique to me – whether that be the tie, pocket square, socks etc. In my personal life, my style is pretty casual. For men, especially, please check out Lululemon as their stuff is so comfortable. My advice is to carve out your own style. Use the magazines only as a guide and really add your own personality to your style.


Q:  Do you have any tips for our male (or female!) readers regarding professional attire- how and what to wear to the office?
A:  In a professional setting, you want to look exactly that – professional. Know your workplace. If your workplace is very conservative, navy and charcoal are your staples. If your workplace is a bit more fashion forward, check out some unique shades or blue (indigo or midnight) or add a subtle pattern. Oh, and avoid black. Black is traditionally for funerals and weddings.


Q:  Since you specialize in custom tailoring, do you have some tips for our readers regarding the fit of a suit and/or other professional clothing?
A: In recent years the trend has been slim and then skinny fits for men. Thankfully, men’s fashion has gone back a bit now to slim. We’ll leave the skinny suits for the early 20s crowd. A slimmer cut suit is ideal for every man as it will make you seem younger, taller, and show that you care about your appearance. The fit of the shoulders is key. Chances are, your are wearing a size or two too large. The shoulders should form a prefect 90 degree angle without any excess.


Q:  Who is your favorite designer?
A:  If I were to pick a suit designer I’d say Ralph Lauren Purple Label, though all of my suits are now ESQ. For casual looks, Lululemon.


Q:  What are your favorite looks/trends for the fall season?
A:  It isn’t for everyone, but greens are my favorite for this fall. It’s certainly a bolder look. Brown tweeds and flannels are very popular for fall 2014 as well.


Q:  What are your favorite fashion resources- blogs, apps, stores, etc.?
A:  I typically stick with GQ and Esquire. A lot of good advice in both those magazines.


Q:  What’s your favorite part about your job at ESQ Clothing?
A:  Nothing brings more joy than when clients send me photos of the wedding dressed in ESQ. I like to think that I help add a little joy to the special day.


Q:  What’s your favorite item available at ESQ Clothing right now and why?
A:  My favorite item is your imagination. With over 7,000 fabrics in stock, we can create any suit or shirt of your dreams, with an impeccable fit.


Q:  Where do you see ESQ Clothing going from here?
A:  We’ll be here in Chicago for anyone who needs us.


Q:  How can our readers check out ESQ Clothing for themselves?
A:  We take reservations for private fittings. Please call 312.631.3278, email or visit for more details.


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