DeShone Kizer's Suit at the NFL draft is for a good cause

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By Molly Podlesny


DeShone Kizer is dressed to impress for the NFL draft.

Yes, that’s a lavender suit jacket lined with the face of Sasquatch.

It’s sponsored by Jack Links beef jerky (you may recognize the Sasquatch from their commercials) but it’s for a cause -- the company known for its cured meats teamed up with Kizer to support The Andrew Weishar Foundation.

The foundation provides financial aid and resources to “families with adolescents or young adults stricken with cancer,” according to their mission statement.

The Notre Dame quarterback has experience with cancer. His former girlfriend, Elli Thatcher, was diagnosed with cancer during his (redshirt) freshman season. She had a tumor the size of a baseball removed the following spring.

Though the two eventually broke up, Thatcher’s surgery saved her life, and Kizer went on to become one of the top NFL draft prospects in 2017. And now he’s wearing this sweet jacket.

Good for you, DeShone! Just know that in addition to helping families, you’re also the best-dressed draftee this year.


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