DeShone Kizer's Sasquatch suit sets the pace at the NFL draft

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By Jay Busbee


Former Notre Dame quarterback DeShone Kizer hasn’t played a down in the NFL yet, but he’s already picked up on an important truism: before the draft, it’s important to play sharp, but on the night of the draft, you’ve got to look sharp.

Kizer will be sporting a lavendar suit with a sasquatch sewn into the lining … the corporate logo of Jack Links beef jerky, of course. As part of their deal, Jack Links helped with a donation to the Andrew Weishar Foundation, an organization devoted to aiding “families with adolescents or young adults stricken with cancer.” Kizer’s former girlfriend Elli Thatcher was diagnosed with cancer during his playing days, and surgery saved her life.

Kizer, for his part, made headlines recently when he proclaimed himself in possession of Tom Brady’s brain in Cam Newton’s body. Lofty comparisons, yes, but what would you expect of a guy who’s sporting Sasquatch for the biggest night of his professional life?

Where will Kizer take his spectacular jacket? No word yet, but Shutdown Corner projects him as the 28th-best prospect in this year's draft class. Just don't tell Sasquatch that Kizer's not No. 1.


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